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About Glenn's Practice

Lambertville Legal Malpractice Law Firm

Most of what I do now is sue lawyers.


I sue others, too. I sued a surgeon for mangling his patient and then changing his records to blame her. I sued a multi-national tire company for allowing discrimination against their minority employees. I've sued architects and homebuilders for consumer fraud and big insurance companies for not paying their insureds. I sued Fannie Mae for offering a hardship refinance that led to near homelessness for the family.

I once sued the New Jersey State Division on Civil Rights -- it had a 12 year backlog of cases and some were being dismissed as "stale" -- for malpractice. I convinced the trial judge that the State should be held to the same standard of care as the rest of us -- but the appellate court said no, the State could do what we could not. The State was immune.

I like these unusual cases but... most of the cases that come to me now are about a lawyer or lawyers who did wrong.

Lawyers Must Be Held Accountable

Life is not a straight line and I didn’t grow up thinking that I would end up with a busy legal malpractice law firm; but I like what I do, very much. Lawyers, just like everyone else (except the State of New Jersey, apparently), have to stand behind their work and be held accountable.

When attorneys come up to me and ask how I could do the work I do, I say, well, we sue doctors and respected corporations, school systems, our bosses, priests, ex-lovers, even the neighbors. Why should attorneys be immune? And when they say that most attorneys do a fine job I think, well, maybe, but, so what? I’m just suing the ones who didn’t do a fine job.

I don’t expect to win that argument. I have taken on hundreds of lawyers in the past 15 years, and I spare no expense in assembling a winning case. And I always give lots of personal attention to my clients; when they hire me, they get me on their case.

Powerful Opponents – Big Firms

If I think there’s a case, it doesn’t matter who it’s against. I will take on big law firms, famous lawyers, and powerful people. I’ve sued judges who committed malpractice while they were lawyers and lawyers who once were judges. I find the proof and do whatever can be done to get the case in front of a jury. I’m not intimidated by any of this and you should not be either.

This website shows that I take this promise seriously. I have had some success. See more about my career and take a look at the news articles about my cases.

Contact Me

Email me or call me at (609) 951-0088 if you think you need my help with any difficult case, especially one involving legal malpractice.