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Ethics Violation

Princeton Ethics Violation Legal Malpractice Attorney

Types of Legal Malpractice: Ethics Violations

Clients trust their lawyers, at least at first. Too many attorneys take advantage of this trust.

Types of Ethics Violations

Many ethics violations involve fees. People often come to me saying that their attorney lied about fees or simply charged excessive attorney fees. Sometimes attorneys take money from a trust account before they are allowed to – this a very serious breach of ethics, and almost always gets a lawyer disbarred.

There are plenty of other ethics violations, including conflicts of interest and the most basic violation: making a mistake and not telling your client. Most legal malpractice cases include a cover up.

If you believe your lawyer has taken advantage of your trust, you should call me.

Reporting an Ethics Violation

If you think your lawyer may have violated his or her ethical obligations in handling your case, you can file an ethics complaint with the District Ethics Committee. But you should be aware that an ethics complaint ruling will not result in a damages award to you.

The ethics system is about policing the conduct of lawyers. Lawyers can be disciplined or disbarred if they violate the Rules of Professional Conduct. But if you suffer a loss due to an ethics violation, a separate civil suit must be filed for you to recover for your losses.

Contact Me

If you think you have encountered an ethics violation by an attorney, Email me or call (609) 951-0088 to get my experienced opinion, free of charge.