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New Jersey Legal Negligence Lawyer

Legal Malpractice Attorney Glenn A. Bergenfield

If you have experienced legal malpractice — or if you think you may have but aren't sure — you should discuss your legal options with an experienced legal malpractice lawyer.

My law practice is unlike most others. I focus exclusively on representing plaintiffs who have been harmed or wronged by the actions of their attorneys. Most people who have experienced legal malpractice are reluctant to trust another lawyer. But ironically enough, a lawyer is the one person victims of legal malpractice should trust.

I have represented hundreds of clients in over 15 years of handling legal malpractice cases. I have seen firsthand how the negligent actions of attorneys can cause serious financial damage. Clients who have suffered millions of dollars worth of damage come to me looking for answers. I can't say that I am popular among other attorneys. But I am proud of the work I have done on behalf of my clients and holding other attorneys accountable for their mistakes.

If you have experienced legal malpractice by an attorney involving any of the following, contact my law firm throughout all of New Jersey, to learn about your legal options:

If you have experienced legal malpractice, who can you trust? It's only natural that you feel reluctant to seek legal advice from another lawyer, but my law practice is unlike other lawyers. My legal practice is focused on holding other lawyers responsible for their negligence, misconduct, and mistakes. My law office is located in New Jersey, but I represent clients nationwide who have suffered significant financial damage due to lawyer misconduct.