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Glenn Bergenfield, Attorney at Law

My background is this: I taught law at the University of Arkansas School of Law for a year (yes, I met Bill and Hillary). I next worked in Washington for the Federal Trade Commission. I spent two years as a Deputy Attorney General fighting organized crime and political corruption. I then opened my own office in New Jersey and for 10 years had a general, trial-oriented practice.

I defended a husband who had shot his wife, a gang-member who had (allegedly) beaten a man to death with a putter and several others who were charged with burning down their own houses for insurance money. I handled tough divorce cases, complex commercial closings and personal injury cases for plaintiffs. I had cases in state and federal court, in New York and New Jersey, against firms small and huge. My work ranged from complex medical malpractice to insurance bad faith.

Devoting My Work to Legal Malpractice

I got a very good look at how lawyers get things done, how things look when they are done right and what happens when things are done wrong. The human propensity to cover up, to deny, and to blame others, lives in the lawyer’s heart no less than in the heart of other humans. But despite the obvious need for legal malpractice lawyers, most attorneys are not willing to sue other attorneys. So I devoted much of my work to legal malpractice.

I am recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, able to accept referrals from other attorneys and pay them a referral fee without them doing any work on the case. I get most of my cases from lawyers who don’t want to handle these types of cases.

I’ve won million dollar cases and settled even bigger ones (but I can’t discuss those due to confidential settlement agreements). I teach several courses for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, including trial skills for new lawyers. I lecture to the Bar about what I do and how they might avoid becoming a defendant. I have also been a frequent commentator on Court TV.

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Glenn A. Bergenfield