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Pressure to Settle

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Types of Legal Malpractice: Pressure to Settle

When you seek legal representation from an attorney, you expect them to work in your best interests at all times. Most of the time, this happens. Clients can generally trust that their attorney is working favorably on their behalf.

But surprisingly often, lawyers act in ways that can actually harm a client instead of helping them. While it is understandable that everyone makes mistakes, certain actions by attorneys that constitute legal malpractice are actually acts of negligence.

If your attorney pressured you to settle, you may be hesitant to trust another attorney for legal advice. However, my legal focus is different than most attorneys'. I focus exclusively on representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases. To learn about your legal options, contact my law office to schedule a time to meet with me free of charge.

When an Attorney Pressures You to Settle

A lawyer may pressure a client to settle for any number of reasons — but none that reflect good behavior on the part of the lawyer. Often, after going through months and months of legal proceedings, legal fees may add up and clients may run out of money. In an effort to protect their own financial interests, lawyers may pressure clients to settle for much less than what their case is worth. The attorney may even argue that the low offer is actually a good one.

Attorneys have a duty to give advice that is in a client's best interests. This is part of the contractual obligation between an attorney and a client. A pressured settlement is very unlikely to be the best legal move, so clients should feel confident seeking advice from a legal malpractice attorney on how to deal with the issue.

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