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Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice Attorney

Legal Malpractice Lawyer Ready to Fight for You

If you have been wronged by an attorney, you might not want to trust another lawyer again. But contact me. Come and meet me. I understand your frustration. I get it.

I can meet with you free of charge to discuss your situation and show you what to do. In fact, if I take your case, I will not charge a fee until I obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Not for the Faint of Heart

You should know, however, these are not cases for the faint of heart. Some involve suing powerful law firms, former judges and famous plaintiff's lawyers. But they can be won, as my well-publicized past cases prove. I have had success, though I usually can’t talk about it. I have handled lawyer malpractice cases that resulted in disbarment of the attorneys.

Legal malpractice cases are hard-fought, expensive, and have their own peculiar rules. These are not cases to be started just because the fee seemed too high or the lawyer was arrogant or rude. To justify the expense and hard work, these cases must be about an important mistake and must have the possibility of big damages.

There are a few types of valid mistakes that can make for solid cases:

Many of these cases fall into a pattern.

Get Ready for a Trial

Legal malpractice cases are often not settled and go to trial. This happens for a variety of reasons. The insurance company lawyers who represent these attorneys are usually quite good -- as you would expect, they specialize too. The insurance companies who insure lawyers are savvy and quite ready to spend whatever is necessary in defense of accusations of malpractice. I use the best trial technology so that my cases are shown to the jury, not just heard. Modern juries expect a good show, and I make sure they get that in my cases.

And lawyers, like doctors, seem to have an especially hard time admitting to mistakes. They often refuse to consent to a settlement, even though the insurance company is paying. I prepare all my cases for trial, expecting that the fight will not end until then.

Contact Me

If you believe you have been harmed through attorney misconduct or misrepresentation, the best way to find out for sure if we need to talk is to Email me or call (609) 951-0088 to speak with me free of charge .

For more information about legal negligence and malpractice cases, be sure to visit my legal malpractice FAQ.